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Création Confort is the biggest QUEBEC-based manufacturer of ADAPTIVE CLOTHING with over 40 years of experience

What is
adaptive clothing?

Our adaptive clothing is specially made to answer the particular needs of people with reduced mobility. 

The adaptive clothing’s goal is to help people with loss of autonomy, like elders and people with loss of autonomy, to dress themselves easily.

Quick to put on, easy adjustments : the person’s manipulations are put to a minimum to avoid risks of injuries and discomforts. 

The tasks are easier for the nursing staff and their relationship with the resident is positively reinforced. 

Products specifications

Our adaptive clothing was created with the basis of the traditional hospital gown. They make changing easier, but do so with the elders and handicapped persons’ respect and dignity.

Please note that our clothing is made with a double layer in the back, so that the person is never bare – even while moving. The attachment points are cleverly placed on each shoulder without causing pression while the person is sat down or bedridden. 

Please note that these tailoring details contribute in avoiding the development  of bed sores. Inevitably, the “home-made” changes of regular clothing into adaptive clothing can cause friction throughout the person’s spine.

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Alzheimer's disease,
multiple sclerosis, dementia:

Our adaptive clothing satisfies the needs of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or any other degenerative disease making dressing assistance necessary. 

Always looking for improvement, Création Confort is mindful to diverse its collection of adaptive clothing so that the clients’ tastes are respected no matter their age.

Our creations!

Since the end of the 80s, Création Confort follows its mission, which is to ease the lives of people with loss of mobility and the ones who care for them. 

We develop, create and put out adaptive clothing made specially to satisfy their requirements. Please note that a medical prescription allows you to benefit a tax exemption on your purchase of adaptive clothing and accessories.